NYC- At The Beginning Again

Tuesday 9 August 2011

So now that I've been back in NY for about a week I've tried to get the ball rolling on where my life is headed. I have applied to jobs online, emailed some people about apartments from Craigslist, but ultimately the best part of being home- despite the great feeling of finally being proactive about my future- is seeing my friends again. :)

There have been nights of attempting to go out "cheap" in Manhattan (this mostly includes a days worth of "happy hour's" research online only to be caught going wherever alcohol is served once you get out). Concerts in Central Park (Jack's Mannequin was awesome!!) and days spent relaxing in the A/C enjoying unemployment while I still can. I know soon I'll get restless and annoyed with nothing to do, for the time being it just feels bizarre- and bizarre I can live with.

Here's to hoping things pan out quickly and for the best!




Thursday 4 August 2011

Back in New York.

It's both hard to believe I'm here, and yet feels like I never left.
A part of me still thinks I might wake up and be back in London :p

My last day in London I finally went on a walking tour of the city, and while I had already seen almost everything we went by I finally got to learn a lot more of the history and fun facts. Plus I got some extra photos.

House of Parliament and "Big Ben" clock tower

Lucky for me my travel day was easy and went smoothly and before I knew it I was back "home".
Now for a whole new adventure- finding a home and a job :)