One of Those Days

Had a really busy day at work today. Then got depressed on the train home when a man came on and asked for money for the homeless and hungry and I realized I'm technically applicable for that.

Overall I was feeling kind of home-sick today :/

and on that note a photo from yesterday that also reminded me of home
A mix of my two worlds :)

Pardon the quality, I had to take it on my phone.



Longest Tuesday Ever

I suppose the real title of this entry should be "Longest Tuesday Ever:  and a brief catch up on the last few weekends" or "Longest Entry Ever" :p but here it goes::::

Sorry I haven't been exactly vigilant about keeping this blog updated. Between work, fun weekends and long commutes I generally either forget or just end up too exhausted, but I do take photos in the high hopes that I DO update! Which means I have a ton of backlogged photos to post for you now!

Starting with Boston! Which by the way was an AWESOME trip. I LOVE BOSTON and I hope I get to live there one day. On Saturday I got to spend the early part of the day wondering through Boston with my bf (lets call him "C") and we ended up at a great restaurant right by the water that was surprisingly cheap and I had clam chowder and fries which reminded me of home and tasted delicious. Then later the two of us met up with my other friends and we all headed over to a free concert in the park which had Sara Bareilles, who was super good- I knew a couple of her bigger hits but she was really just a great performer. Overall, I LOVE BOSTON.

Me and Norm!
Beautiful Boston view

Now back to New York and other photos I've been hoarding:

My morning commute
Best Mood-Picker-Upper
Max Brenner Hot Cocoa

Then this past weekend C and I agreed to animal sit for my "roomies" aka the amazing friends who let me sleep in their guest room. They have one giant puppy Dexter and a cat Baxter who were a lot of work but otherwise it was a great relaxing weekend that I was in much need of.

And now on to today.
Today was a long day.
Going into it I knew it would be long and throughout a good portion of it it didn't even feel long. In fact, the only real moments that it did feel long was on the commutes.

This morning was the commute from hell.
Instead of being able to take the 40 min, super easy, very chillaxed bus ride I was forced to take the subway --> ferry --> subway combo which had to have been some unfortunate act of God or more likely human stupidity as it was due to a truck collision on one of the bridges I usually take. Of course this inconvenient situation was only made worse by this being the one morning in the four weeks I've been working that I actually had somewhere to be at 8:50! It was probably the most stressed I've ever been on a commute. Needless to say however, when I finally did arrive (16min late) no one really seemed to care and the day went off without a hitch :p I suppose there was no need for the huge stress knots in my shoulders!

(oh and did I mention the ferry also had technical difficulties and was delayed?! luckily only by 2 or 3 min)

Anyways the rest of the day went really well and I can't say I'm too disappointed that I have to work in Manhattan every day, after all there are days when I get to snap photos like this:

And the rest of the week should be a breeze after all the stress and eventfulness of today! That is if I can go back to taking the bus again :p

Talk to you soon!


Wednesday- Hump Day

Work has been a lot of fun.
All week I've been really busy with all kinds of different tasks- from running errands to excel documents to counting samples to everything in between.
In fact, I've been so busy that I've had to stay late every day this week, including today when I got to sit in on a team brainstorming meeting which was really cool.
It's funny to see how in the professional world the brainstorming and beginning start just like my teams would start in school- of course there's is a little more realistic and actually gets carried out! :p but it was really interesting and fun to watch.

Also I don't have a full length mirror in my room here yet and I'm dreading having to buy one in the city and be THAT girl carrying it on the subway and then the ferry and then while I walk through Staten Island.... but eventually I'm going to have to do it. and soon. cuz im sick of not knowing what I look like till I get off the bus in the morning and look in a window on the streets of Manhattan! Maybe I'll try to make that one of my daily photos ;) me carrying the mirror through NYC! I suppose that's what makes you a REAL New Yorker- hauling all kinds of things through the streets.

This weekend brings with it a trip to Boston with E and C! I'm so excited! I LOVE BOSTON!
I seem to love a lot of cities :p

I also got to go grocery shopping for myself for my "own" apartment (not fake one meal in college, "will it fit in my tiny fridge" shopping) it was so fun! and so weird! and I'm so excited!

Sorry no photo today :( I keep forgetting to get a shot!
More tomorrow!




So last week I didn't get a chance to blog about my experience at Fashion's Night Out. This is an event in NYC and in big cities across the country which kicks off fashion week by keeping retail stores open extra late (11pm) while having celebrity guests, DJ's, food and drink all being handed out as well as other fun complimentary things while the stores host sales and encourage large purchases by giving away tiny gifts with purchases of about $400.

Needless to say I didn't buy anything, but the best part is that you don't need to in order to enjoy the festivities!

I went with my friend Danni and we enjoyed the complimentary gifts, drinks and cupcakes that we could get in virtually every store we went in! In Sunglass Hut they were even doing free print outs of celeb-esq shots!

It was pretty awesome. 
In fact, in one of the stores we got to see Nigel Barker posing with customers which was pretty cool!
Overall Fashion's Night Out was a ton more fun than we expected and I'm glad we decided to check it out. Free stuff is never a let down.

However, getting home was another story. The real busy part of town was downtown (we stayed on 5th Ave near Rockefeller Center) but on my bus ride back to Staten Island I got to see the real hustle and bustle and it took nearly 3 times as long to get home due to traffic due to hundreds of pedestrians (most of them drunk)

It was a travel nightmare but I made friends with the bus driver and I think ultimately it was totally worth it. :)

More later,

(*Nigel Barker Picture from: http://www.novafm.com.au/lib/images/article/normal/model-turned-photographer-profile-nigel-barker-108024.jpg)


Not a whole lot going on today.

I still can't believe I work in New York City! 
But my days are spent mostly commuting or working so there's not much to write about.

It was super dreary today, but at least it wasn't raining so I didn't get soaking wet- after all the Europe rain I dealt with this summer I'm really sick of it. Usually I get a good long break from rain in Santa Barbara... there has just been too much of it.

I can't wait till I have a shorter commute and can come home and cook!
I've been taking home a lot of old Food Network Magazine and Food & Wine Magazine from my internship and all I want to do when I get home is cook!

I will miss the pets we have here though. 
Every time I walk pass the pet store near work I'm tempted to buy a puppy :p but that would just make finding an apartment that much harder. 

Probably just more of the same tomorrow!



Long Time No Chat

So I've been pretty busy moving around and looking for jobs and hanging out with friends that I haven't been posting at all. So here's to turning over a new leaf and making more time for blogging.

I have no officially started a full- time internship at L+S which as been very fun so far. I still can't believe that I'm working in New York City- going in everyday is just still so unreal to me (and expensive). I'm still trying to get a routine in place that works but it doesn't help that we keep having long weekends and I keep escaping back to the college life via hanging out with my friends who still go to "the ville".

Also my camera broke a couple weeks ago so I only recently got it back from Best Buy which was a huge hassel.... but now I have photos again to upload so that's fun!

Trying out the Fisheye effect.
This one is actually from a few days ago because believe me today was much, much rainier.

But regardless even in the pouring rain,
I Love New York. 

I got to go out to a lovely dinner with my aunt and uncle and cousin and his girlfriend who were visiting from San Fran. Which was a super fun way to spruce up my work week! Plus the meal was delicious :) Though I have to say- I'm still getting used to my commute and getting a little anxious about overstaying my welcome here in Staten. I guess now that the job search is over the apartment search takes the front burner :/ this is the part I've been dreading. 

Keep you posted (hopefully more often), 

PS I've added the follow via email element to the bottom of the page for those of you who wish to use it :)