Wednesday- Hump Day

Work has been a lot of fun.
All week I've been really busy with all kinds of different tasks- from running errands to excel documents to counting samples to everything in between.
In fact, I've been so busy that I've had to stay late every day this week, including today when I got to sit in on a team brainstorming meeting which was really cool.
It's funny to see how in the professional world the brainstorming and beginning start just like my teams would start in school- of course there's is a little more realistic and actually gets carried out! :p but it was really interesting and fun to watch.

Also I don't have a full length mirror in my room here yet and I'm dreading having to buy one in the city and be THAT girl carrying it on the subway and then the ferry and then while I walk through Staten Island.... but eventually I'm going to have to do it. and soon. cuz im sick of not knowing what I look like till I get off the bus in the morning and look in a window on the streets of Manhattan! Maybe I'll try to make that one of my daily photos ;) me carrying the mirror through NYC! I suppose that's what makes you a REAL New Yorker- hauling all kinds of things through the streets.

This weekend brings with it a trip to Boston with E and C! I'm so excited! I LOVE BOSTON!
I seem to love a lot of cities :p

I also got to go grocery shopping for myself for my "own" apartment (not fake one meal in college, "will it fit in my tiny fridge" shopping) it was so fun! and so weird! and I'm so excited!

Sorry no photo today :( I keep forgetting to get a shot!
More tomorrow!


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