Day 42 - Wednesday May 15

One of my favorite past pics. It was so much fun being a nanny- granted my eye was constantly twitching but then again I got to cook Micky Mouse head pancakes in the middle of the day....

Day 41- Tuesday May 14


Day 40- Monday May 13

The view out my office window

Day 39- Mother's Day

I realize everyone says this but for me it's true: I truly have the best mom in the world. She's my best friend, my confidant and who I aspire to be like every day. Thanks mom!

(Photo from Instagram via mailbox for iPhone)

Day 38 - Saturday May 11

Ran my 10k, and lived!

Day 37- Friday May 10

In honor of Prince Harry's coming state side I've decided to post this pic from the past


Day 36 - Thursday May 9

Classy work bachelorette- including deep fried Oreos, home made coffee ice cream and to die for mousse.


Day 31 - Saturday May 4

Went for a beautiful run today- so excited for summer weather!

Day 30!

Inspiration pic for the big 3-0!

This picture, courtesy of Instagram and mailbox for iPhone, reminds me if good ol' California road trips and driving with my family to our final vacation destination. I always loved just staring out the window at vast expanses of nature and letting my mind wander. So relaxing and carefree.

Day 29 - Thursday May 2nd

Recycled Boston pic because that's really where I want to be today (and every day)