Day 42 - Wednesday May 15

One of my favorite past pics. It was so much fun being a nanny- granted my eye was constantly twitching but then again I got to cook Micky Mouse head pancakes in the middle of the day....

Day 41- Tuesday May 14


Day 40- Monday May 13

The view out my office window

Day 39- Mother's Day

I realize everyone says this but for me it's true: I truly have the best mom in the world. She's my best friend, my confidant and who I aspire to be like every day. Thanks mom!

(Photo from Instagram via mailbox for iPhone)

Day 38 - Saturday May 11

Ran my 10k, and lived!

Day 37- Friday May 10

In honor of Prince Harry's coming state side I've decided to post this pic from the past


Day 36 - Thursday May 9

Classy work bachelorette- including deep fried Oreos, home made coffee ice cream and to die for mousse.


Day 31 - Saturday May 4

Went for a beautiful run today- so excited for summer weather!

Day 30!

Inspiration pic for the big 3-0!

This picture, courtesy of Instagram and mailbox for iPhone, reminds me if good ol' California road trips and driving with my family to our final vacation destination. I always loved just staring out the window at vast expanses of nature and letting my mind wander. So relaxing and carefree.

Day 29 - Thursday May 2nd

Recycled Boston pic because that's really where I want to be today (and every day)


Day 21 - Wednesday April 24

The climax of my 6am run

Day 20 - Tuesday April 23

Both in honor of my making it to Day 20 and because I simply love this video - how many videos are both catchy, funny AND make viewers more aware of the world their living in?!

I'm so impressed with the message and clever production that this team accomplished for this video and can't wait to see more of what they come up with!
And may I kindly nudge you follow Collin Evans the writer, director and co-vocalist behind it all and anxiously await his next big hit along with me: http://www.youtube.com/user/cvans?feature=watch



Day 14- Wednesday April 17

First day I forgot to take any photos! I give you instead one from a few days back that I didn't use.

Mini orchids! Too bad you can't see the the relative size because these we're both beautiful and adorable.


Day 13 - Tuesday April 16

Very fun client event tonight!

Day 12- April 15, 2013

Today a tragedy occurred in Boston, our hearts and well wishes go out to those affected by this terrible act.

This photo is not actually one of my own but still very powerful- the MIT Green Building lit up Monday night as the American flag.

Day 11- April 14

Sorry for the slight delay! Sunday was a cat-nap kind of day for sure


Day two- April 5, 2013

I made it through day two! My delicious and long awaited breakfast this morning.


Day 1- Thursday April 4

Lately I've been feeling like I don't use my creative side enough - so here is my attempt a photo a day... Wish me luck!

Photo 1- bowling and music videos (talk about a flash back night)



1. "To Me You Are Perfect"//2. Steak//3."For Like Ever"//4. Embrace//5. Dishes Will Wait

Artwork. This is something that was strongly lacking in my last apartment. We had white walls that went on way too far for your average NY apartment and yet between having to agree on pieces and wanting to save money and basically losing interest I think we ultimately hung a total of 4 pieces of art (including one in the bathroom and three on one wall....) So now I go about decorating my new apartment and I have so many ideas and so many things that I want to do but again the issue will be execution and money.

My biggest issue is of course finding frames that don’t break the bank. Then of course finding the pieces that inspire me and also go with the decor and with one another (this is made slightly more difficult by the fact that I have a red couch).


Personal Expenses

With the big move behind me and the full apartment decor ahead of me I decided it was time to start budgeting again. I don’t know about you but when I was fresh out of college and making minimum wage I lived exclusively by my budget tracker. I recorded my grocery purchases weekly, I declined dinner invites after looking up the menu online and ultimately treated my wallet like the very delicate and fragile thing that it is. Until I got a higher pay rate. Paying almost no attention to the fact that as my pay went up so did my expenses I have long trailed from the days of tracking my spending. *Ironically I remember thinking to myself that the best thing I could possibly do would be to continue to live sparsely and happily as I was and put the rest of my increased paycheck in savings.... what a thought.

So finally I sat down last night and made up my tracker - and to be honest it wasn’t too hard and it doesn’t look too bad. What I like most about tracking is watching how quickly things add up if you just decide to spend only $10 a month on this or limit yourself to 100 dollars every two months there suddenly you see the total at the far right of your excel grid is so much bigger. I mostly love allowing myself free spending money - its like a christmas gift from a grandparent - mine to spend wherever I want!

What about you- do you keep an expense tracker? Do you keep up with it? Or do you think they’re a waste of time?

Moving: Storage

So I’m officially moved! It was a brutal day of unloading everything out of our old apartment into one too-small truck unloading the majority of items into my new apartment and then taking the rest to my ex-roommates parents house. Needless to say it was a very VERY long day. But at the end of it I have a new apartment and it was so worth it. Immediately I set up my bed, bedside tables and living room but other than that I am completely living out of boxes. My kitchen is a wreck and my clothes are getting wrinklier and wrinklier every day that I dig through the boxes rather than take anything out and put it away. The problem you see is that I have ZERO storage space in my amazing nearly perfect apartment. Thus I have taken on a full-time job of searching for the perfect storage pieces.

My wish list:



Centsational Girl

I have been spending a lot of time lately looking at apartment design and interior design lately and one thing that fascinates me is bookshelves and how beautiful they can look. Rather than keep them in the house as just a place to store books they can so simply be transformed into beautiful pieces of interactive art!

Considering I'm going to be moving soon and won't have much storage space one of the few things that I know I'm going to have to do to incorporate both style and functionality is decorate by bookshelf. So now it's just about figuring out how I want to do that. For example, I think the above which has wall paper along the back looks amazing and really brings great color and graphic to a room. More inspiration:


Happy New Year! (Yes, I know I’m late)

So I realize that keeping up with a blog hasn’t been very easy for me, and again I’m left hoping that somehow I’ll change. I love the idea of keeping up with a blog- and I’d admire so many other young ladies who do! And yet the actual act of doing it always seems to slowly fade.

But alas it’s a new year! We managed to survive past the end of the Mayan Calendar which essentially means that as humans – we can do anything. So here’s to the New Year, to trying ever so slightly harder to keep up with this blogging thing and to have lots of fun in the next 365(okay its now 349) days.

To begin I felt as if it was obligatory to do a New Year’s resolution post, if for no other reason than to put them in writing and therefore hold myself to them that much more.

}Work out more!
​I realize this one practically goes without saying as it seems to make its way on to everyone’s lists, but nonetheless November and December were rough on my stomach, thighs, metabolism and beyond- I know I need to just get to my butt to the gym a couple more days a week and it will make me feel worlds different but leaving the office in time has always been difficult. So here’s to a year of trying.

}Travel to 3 places I’ve never been before
​Who doesn’t want to travel more? In the past I feel like I’ve always thought of resolutions in the way of “eating healthy” and “working out more” which has always led me to believe that resolutions couldn’t be fun. But it occurred to me this year that I could branch out a bit :p so here I am, making a fun resolution! I love travel but I find myself going to the same places over and over because I know them and I like them and getting to them tends to be easiest (i.e. Boston, Maine, Home). So the key part of this is to go to NEW places – hello D.C., Disney World, Vegas (quite sad that I haven’t actually been here yet), Niagara Falls, New Orleans, etc. etc. etc.

}See my family more
​This one is tough considering my family is all 3,000 miles away and visiting them could potentially hinder my traveling to 3 new places resolution but nonetheless this resolution is probably the most important. I love my family and I’m always happiest when I’m with them and in the weeks after leaving them so it only makes sense that I should attempt to see them as much as possible and thus be as happy as possible!

}And of course, Blog More!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Have you been able to keep up with them so far?