Moving: Storage

So I’m officially moved! It was a brutal day of unloading everything out of our old apartment into one too-small truck unloading the majority of items into my new apartment and then taking the rest to my ex-roommates parents house. Needless to say it was a very VERY long day. But at the end of it I have a new apartment and it was so worth it. Immediately I set up my bed, bedside tables and living room but other than that I am completely living out of boxes. My kitchen is a wreck and my clothes are getting wrinklier and wrinklier every day that I dig through the boxes rather than take anything out and put it away. The problem you see is that I have ZERO storage space in my amazing nearly perfect apartment. Thus I have taken on a full-time job of searching for the perfect storage pieces.

My wish list:

What do you think - any super helpful storage ideas you can pass along?

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