Day 21 - Wednesday April 24

The climax of my 6am run

Day 20 - Tuesday April 23

Both in honor of my making it to Day 20 and because I simply love this video - how many videos are both catchy, funny AND make viewers more aware of the world their living in?!

I'm so impressed with the message and clever production that this team accomplished for this video and can't wait to see more of what they come up with!
And may I kindly nudge you follow Collin Evans the writer, director and co-vocalist behind it all and anxiously await his next big hit along with me: http://www.youtube.com/user/cvans?feature=watch



Day 14- Wednesday April 17

First day I forgot to take any photos! I give you instead one from a few days back that I didn't use.

Mini orchids! Too bad you can't see the the relative size because these we're both beautiful and adorable.


Day 13 - Tuesday April 16

Very fun client event tonight!

Day 12- April 15, 2013

Today a tragedy occurred in Boston, our hearts and well wishes go out to those affected by this terrible act.

This photo is not actually one of my own but still very powerful- the MIT Green Building lit up Monday night as the American flag.

Day 11- April 14

Sorry for the slight delay! Sunday was a cat-nap kind of day for sure


Day two- April 5, 2013

I made it through day two! My delicious and long awaited breakfast this morning.


Day 1- Thursday April 4

Lately I've been feeling like I don't use my creative side enough - so here is my attempt a photo a day... Wish me luck!

Photo 1- bowling and music videos (talk about a flash back night)