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We Start! 7:30am
Breast Cancer Walk Pictures!

Me and My Walking Buddies! 
He's so cute :P

There were so many people!
And then there were even more!
We Finished!


 It was so fun! We had great weather and a wonderful time and all for a good cause! Can't wait to do it again next year! (though next year we won't wake up for an "8am walk" only to realize that registration BEGAN at 8am)

Also news this week: I moved into my new room!! That means I have a place to call my own again! Of course it's in the same house and with the same people buuuuttt its a newly renovated/painted room and it's offically mine! (rent and all :/ ) but now it's time to decorate the walls! (any one know some good DIY??)

But that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed the pictures! and thanks again to everyone who donated on my behalf! :)


RIP Steve Jobs

(Taken from Steve Jobs Wikipedia page)

I can't believe it! Steve Jobs died! I'm in shock! 

But I did have an awesome weekend last weekend and on monday night I was lucky enough to get to stay at the Marriott Marquee in Times Square because Danni's mom was there for a work conference and so we were able to crash on the pull out bed!

This is actually a picture Danni took on her iPhone- (RIP Steve Jobs)
Now I can't believe its already Wednesday and this weekend I'm going to a Giants game!! Sure... they aren't the Packers.... but it will be my first professional football game so I'm excited! Next time I'll get picky about the teams that are playing ;)

Also, I've started fundraising for the breast cancer walk that I'm doing on Oct 16 which is hosted by my alma mater and organized through the American Cancer Society sooooo (WARNING: shameless plug) if you feel like donating to an awesome cause and helping me and my team raise money..... 

A HUGE Thank you to everyone who already has donated! I really appreciate it! and I'll be sure and post some photos from the walk afterwards! :) :)

Thanks everyone!
More at a later date,


And one final RIP to Mr. Steve Jobs. I love my Apple products.