RIP Steve Jobs

(Taken from Steve Jobs Wikipedia page)

I can't believe it! Steve Jobs died! I'm in shock! 

But I did have an awesome weekend last weekend and on monday night I was lucky enough to get to stay at the Marriott Marquee in Times Square because Danni's mom was there for a work conference and so we were able to crash on the pull out bed!

This is actually a picture Danni took on her iPhone- (RIP Steve Jobs)
Now I can't believe its already Wednesday and this weekend I'm going to a Giants game!! Sure... they aren't the Packers.... but it will be my first professional football game so I'm excited! Next time I'll get picky about the teams that are playing ;)

Also, I've started fundraising for the breast cancer walk that I'm doing on Oct 16 which is hosted by my alma mater and organized through the American Cancer Society sooooo (WARNING: shameless plug) if you feel like donating to an awesome cause and helping me and my team raise money..... 

A HUGE Thank you to everyone who already has donated! I really appreciate it! and I'll be sure and post some photos from the walk afterwards! :) :)

Thanks everyone!
More at a later date,


And one final RIP to Mr. Steve Jobs. I love my Apple products.

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