So last weekend I went to Boston, which I have to say is by far my favorite city - I can't wait until I get to move there :)

I spent all day Saturday exploring and walking about - it's such a beautiful and historic city!

Pictures after the jump!...



That's right- Fall is here! The weather has officially cooled down here in New York- a lot- and that means I get to wear scarves, drink hot cider and bundle up with my adorable kitten and boyfriend :)

Fall has always been my favorite season but it wasn't until I moved to the East Coast that I really understood what Fall was and now I of course can't get enough of it! 

In fact- just to get the full effect I'm headed to Boston this weekend to spend some fall time in New England. Hopefully the leaves will be turned there. One of the things I miss most about my college campus up in the suburbs is that now I really don't see that many trees on the day-to-day - talk about a difference from my California roots! But ultimately it means I haven't seen changed trees in abundance yet so hopefully the bus drive up north will fix that for me tomorrow :)

I'll post pictures when I get back!



Rainy Days

It’s been a couple rainy days now here in NY and I have to say as much as the rain is often a drag this one has been oddly enjoyable. Maybe it’s the fact that I spend my entire day in the office- or maybe it’s being able to come home and cuddle my kitten while drinking hot cider and watching the [newly released on Netflix] eighth season of The Office. Whatever it is that’s making these rainy northeast days enjoyable- I’m glad. Afterall, my hometown in California has apparently been experiencing quite the dramatic heatwave and frankly I had enough of those this summer in NY to last me a lifetime. Fall has finally begun and seeing as it has always been my favorite time of year- I say bring on the cold weather, the wind, the crisp air and the rain- I’m loving it all!


P.S. I think I might finally really be getting my iPhone5 tomorrow! I'll keep you posted :)


I'm Back!

I’m back!
Sorry about the delay’s - life inevitably got busy and I have fallen way, way behind but in the meantime I have come up with a ton of great posts that I can’t wait to share with all of you!

For starters I got a kitten!

Talk about big changes. It all happened so fast! It was Labor Day weekend and my friends found him stranded on the streets crying in the rain [insert tears] so they inevitably brought him back into shelter and one thing led to another and I’m now the proud mother of a beautiful [obnoxious] energetic and healthy kitten. (and yes, he has a name but to be honest I only ever call him “kitten”)My main goal now is to avoid becoming a crazy cat lady who only posts pictures of my adorable kitten so I will grant you a couple adorable snap shots today but will resist from overloading you with many more in the future - just know that it will be a struggle. 

Pictures and more after the jump!