Rainy Days

It’s been a couple rainy days now here in NY and I have to say as much as the rain is often a drag this one has been oddly enjoyable. Maybe it’s the fact that I spend my entire day in the office- or maybe it’s being able to come home and cuddle my kitten while drinking hot cider and watching the [newly released on Netflix] eighth season of The Office. Whatever it is that’s making these rainy northeast days enjoyable- I’m glad. Afterall, my hometown in California has apparently been experiencing quite the dramatic heatwave and frankly I had enough of those this summer in NY to last me a lifetime. Fall has finally begun and seeing as it has always been my favorite time of year- I say bring on the cold weather, the wind, the crisp air and the rain- I’m loving it all!


P.S. I think I might finally really be getting my iPhone5 tomorrow! I'll keep you posted :)

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