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I have been spending a lot of time lately looking at apartment design and interior design lately and one thing that fascinates me is bookshelves and how beautiful they can look. Rather than keep them in the house as just a place to store books they can so simply be transformed into beautiful pieces of interactive art!

Considering I'm going to be moving soon and won't have much storage space one of the few things that I know I'm going to have to do to incorporate both style and functionality is decorate by bookshelf. So now it's just about figuring out how I want to do that. For example, I think the above which has wall paper along the back looks amazing and really brings great color and graphic to a room. More inspiration:

I love the letter figure and little matching blue figurines here.
The Suite Life Designs Blog

And then you can paint the backgrounds of the shelves
Centsational Girl Blog

Then I love the idea of color-coding the items on the bookshelves
La Dolce Vita Blog
What do you think? What's your favorite look?

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