1. "To Me You Are Perfect"//2. Steak//3."For Like Ever"//4. Embrace//5. Dishes Will Wait

Artwork. This is something that was strongly lacking in my last apartment. We had white walls that went on way too far for your average NY apartment and yet between having to agree on pieces and wanting to save money and basically losing interest I think we ultimately hung a total of 4 pieces of art (including one in the bathroom and three on one wall....) So now I go about decorating my new apartment and I have so many ideas and so many things that I want to do but again the issue will be execution and money.

My biggest issue is of course finding frames that don’t break the bank. Then of course finding the pieces that inspire me and also go with the decor and with one another (this is made slightly more difficult by the fact that I have a red couch).

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