So last week I didn't get a chance to blog about my experience at Fashion's Night Out. This is an event in NYC and in big cities across the country which kicks off fashion week by keeping retail stores open extra late (11pm) while having celebrity guests, DJ's, food and drink all being handed out as well as other fun complimentary things while the stores host sales and encourage large purchases by giving away tiny gifts with purchases of about $400.

Needless to say I didn't buy anything, but the best part is that you don't need to in order to enjoy the festivities!

I went with my friend Danni and we enjoyed the complimentary gifts, drinks and cupcakes that we could get in virtually every store we went in! In Sunglass Hut they were even doing free print outs of celeb-esq shots!

It was pretty awesome. 
In fact, in one of the stores we got to see Nigel Barker posing with customers which was pretty cool!
Overall Fashion's Night Out was a ton more fun than we expected and I'm glad we decided to check it out. Free stuff is never a let down.

However, getting home was another story. The real busy part of town was downtown (we stayed on 5th Ave near Rockefeller Center) but on my bus ride back to Staten Island I got to see the real hustle and bustle and it took nearly 3 times as long to get home due to traffic due to hundreds of pedestrians (most of them drunk)

It was a travel nightmare but I made friends with the bus driver and I think ultimately it was totally worth it. :)

More later,

(*Nigel Barker Picture from: http://www.novafm.com.au/lib/images/article/normal/model-turned-photographer-profile-nigel-barker-108024.jpg)

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