Long Time No Chat

So I've been pretty busy moving around and looking for jobs and hanging out with friends that I haven't been posting at all. So here's to turning over a new leaf and making more time for blogging.

I have no officially started a full- time internship at L+S which as been very fun so far. I still can't believe that I'm working in New York City- going in everyday is just still so unreal to me (and expensive). I'm still trying to get a routine in place that works but it doesn't help that we keep having long weekends and I keep escaping back to the college life via hanging out with my friends who still go to "the ville".

Also my camera broke a couple weeks ago so I only recently got it back from Best Buy which was a huge hassel.... but now I have photos again to upload so that's fun!

Trying out the Fisheye effect.
This one is actually from a few days ago because believe me today was much, much rainier.

But regardless even in the pouring rain,
I Love New York. 

I got to go out to a lovely dinner with my aunt and uncle and cousin and his girlfriend who were visiting from San Fran. Which was a super fun way to spruce up my work week! Plus the meal was delicious :) Though I have to say- I'm still getting used to my commute and getting a little anxious about overstaying my welcome here in Staten. I guess now that the job search is over the apartment search takes the front burner :/ this is the part I've been dreading. 

Keep you posted (hopefully more often), 

PS I've added the follow via email element to the bottom of the page for those of you who wish to use it :)

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