I can't believe it's been so long since I last wrote!
To be fair I've been extremely busy and scattered and all over the place (literally). I believe the last time I wrote I was still living in Staten Island. Since then I've lived in New Jersey, I've gone back to California for 4 weeks and I've gotten hired as a full time employee at the company I was interning for anddddd the biggest excitement: I GOT AN APARTMENT!!! More or less it's still sinking in and the internet is a fairly new addition (and so nice to have!) but I love that for the rest of my life I'll be able to say that my first apartment was in New York City (a thought that only occurred to me this morning).

Me and my roommate have already started breaking in the apartment: we've had friends over every weekend. We had a taco bar dinner party for Valentine's Day and have had a couple people break in our couch.

We also are loving the fact that our landlady who lives on the first floor of the house has already cooked for us a couple times and she makes the MOST AMAZING homemade food. Which is a nice addition to our haphazard quesadillas, mac and cheese and baked veggies.

But hopefully with a little more stability and internet I'll be able to write more often- no promises ;)

Till then I leave you with some images of the new place :)

Dining Room- the lamp came with the house, totally groovy
Coat Rack :p This hall leads to the master bedroom (which is currently empty and looking for an owner) and D's room.

The Pink Bathroom
Half the Living Room

Entry Way
Other half of the Living Room

My Room

My Bed

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