still not keeping up

So I realize I'm still not keeping up with this blog. buuutt since I last wrote I had a birthday (21 part 2); because there are just too many adventures needed for being 21 and 365 days wasn't enough- heck if Harry Potter can do it so can I.

For my birthday I went to Boston with 8 of my friends which wound up being quite fun. 

We went and got a tour of the Sam Adams brewery, which was AWESOME!

The whole team!
Of course there's always the drama that comes with trying to do anything with 8 people but it worked out quite delightfully in the end :)

In other news the weather is starting to get amazing- though I can't say it was ever really bad... I think it snowed twice in NY this year and once was on Halloween. Regardless the sunshine and the lack of having to wear 20 layers is a nice change.

Now this weekend is Passover and Easter and I'm spending it with Cal and meeting his entire family (lots of Gefilte (sp?) fish and matza!) which is going well so far- wish me luck on the rest of the weekend!!

Keep you posted... or at least try

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