Making A Comeback

So I’ve been inspired lately to start fresh with my blog- thus the format, font and name change. The new title, “Thinks and Links” stems from my constant compiling of links that I come across every day. That or the thoughts I write down with the hope that one day I would have time to get back to them. Truthfully most of them get lost in the array of lists that I have now curated never to be seen again. So here is my spot to condense my thoughts, give you my inspirations and suggestions and in return occasionally get your opinions on what you suggest should be done ASAP and then of course what you may deem totally not worth my time. So you can look forward to an array of posts about random tidbits-  but then again I suppose that’s essentially what blogging is!

To start off Starbucks recently launched their latest “Refresher” drinks and thanks to their kindly email (and my gold card) I was able to get a free taster of one. I went for the berry blaster which was pretty yummy-ish. They put real berries in (not fresh) but berries none the less. Of course, the issue with this was that now there were pieces in my cup that made the entire enjoyment process a little strange only because as I sipped I would randomly get a very hard seed that needed to be chewed not sipped, for me that kind of ruined it but the taste was otherwise good only slightly too sweet but pretty refreshing! Unfortunately, the seeds mean I probably won’t buy it again but rather stick with my passion fruit and lemonade beverage. 
Have any of you tried these new drinks? Do you think you're going to? If you do wind up being adventurous, be sure and write about your experience in the comments!


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