J. Crew

So I realize I’m totally behind the times with this but I just found J. Crew and OH MY GOD. Everything is so adorable!! Granted I think it’s best at this point in my life to continue living in H&M and Forever21 but you can bet that you’re going to be seeing a lot of J. Crew items in my future “I Wish I Owned”/ Inspiration posts! For starters, LOVE THESE OUTFITS:

Source: J.Crew
I just love the outfits that they come up with! I love the satin shirt with jeans- perfect way to spice up a weekend outfit.
I also love how comfortable and cute yet totally sophisticated that second outfit is!
What do you guys think of J. Crew? Are you a fan already?

I also want to take this time to make a shout out to my wonderful father whose birthday is tomorrow!! Unfortunately I'll be 3,000 miles away and therefore unable to celebrate this national holiday with him ;) but I am excited to see him in two weeks!!

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