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So I have recently found a new hobby-- reading lifestyle and design blogs and of course the occasional foodie blog. It also helps that a certain element of my work day consists of searching through these very blogs on a daily basis soooo I bring you my first ever blog recommendation post!

I give you my newest favorite and the source and inspiration behind my regeneration of blogging:  VMAC + Cheese.

(Image from VMAC + Cheese "about me", designed by Victoria)

To put it simply, Victoria, the author, creator and driving force behind VMAC + Cheese, is my idol. Okay, so that may be an extreme term, but since I read about her on PureWow I’ve fallen in love- she not only has a similar background as me (formal undergraduate business education, culinary school afterwards, and lifelong interest in all things food design and wonderful). She has recently launched her own business and is now attempting to make it in the world as a consultant for all things food, party and graphic design. To say that I admire her work ethic and style is putting it lightly and she can ultimately claim full responsibility for my devoted (re)entrance into blogging.

I love her concise, simplistic style that has the most subtle and powerful flair is inspiring. And the fact that she’s currently planning a wedding is only a bonus :)

Her posts are never overwhelming (too long) so they’re always a fun and easy read.
So may I suggest checking it out? Now?
Let me know what you think!

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