Upcoming trip to San Francisco

Yep, that’s right- I’m headed to San Francisco in a week and I couldn’t be more excited!! 
I’m going for my step-grandmother’s birthday which is bound to be elaborate and very, very fun (eg: I have already received the week’s schedule in the mail with all of the dinners, lunches and outings that will be happening). But in the off chance I have free time I’m really hoping to get in some activities of my own.
1) Take an early morning jog through the hills (mountains) and streets of beautiful San Francisco
2) Perhaps check out this place: Local Edition, a bar that I read about recently on a blog I adore (vmac + cheese)
3) Find a Churchkey brew-skee as seen on Forbes.com and only found I select US cities (San Francisco being one of them)
4) I would love to get some research in before I go and find some “can’t miss bakeries” that I should check out in my ongoing research of bakeries (reason and ultimate goal to be announced at a later date)
5) And finally as a CA girl born and raised I can’t wait to see me some palm trees J expect many photos of them! – In fact maybe I’ll pull out some “Yes Man” and take photos while I run!

Does anyone else have any SF suggestions! Anything I can’t miss while I’m there??

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