A Late Recap of My Weekend

I realize this may be coming a tad late but seeing as I had to do a “I’m rejuvenating my blog” post on Monday my “Recap of the Weekend” post had to wait until today. 
So for your entertainment- my weekend in photos!

I may have cheated a tad with these and taken most of them while out on just one run.... to be perfectly honest I spent the majority of the weekend inside. The weather was muggy and yucky, most of my friends were out of town and quite frankly I was feeling very lazy the result was the images above annnndddd my introduction to Die Hard. Which I’ve now discovered is one of my favorite movies.
I also got a lot of room cleaning done so don’t think too lowly of me.
But as I said before I went on a very long adventurous run (probably close to 6 miles). l went through the many parts of Queens I had left unexplored until now. Starting with a giant park with a wonderful lake, lots and lots of families out having picnics some people playing cricket. I also fell upon the grounds from the old New York World Fair, City Field (a number of areas I don’t want to go back to ever), the Queens Zoo as well as the Queens botanical gardens. I took a quick walk through Flushing Queens as well and saw a lot more of Forest Hills. It was fun to see more of my neighborhood than I was used to seeing (aka more than the 5 blocks to the gym and the 3 blocks to the train station).
Plus then after I was able to make myself a delicious balsamic and thyme burger with avocado, onion and tomato and not have to feel too guilty about it (sorry forgot to take a photo of this :/ I’m still getting used to the whole "blog about everything therefore take pictures of everything" idea)! I've found that the best reason to work out is to be able to eat guilt free.
I also painted my nails quite elaborately. A feat I'm very proud of though they are already chipping :(

Hope ya'll had a great weekend as well!

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