Home again home again...

So I'm back from San Francisco!
I've actually been back since Sunday but have had such a hard time adjusting to real life I haven't been much inspired to post.

But now I'm back into the groove and enjoying New York again- which was harder than I expected it to be because I fell in love with San Francisco and that left a better taste in my mouth about New York. There's something cleaner and brighter about San Francisco- crisper- which is funny because there certainly is a lot of gray fog in San Francisco... and it's more or less sunny and hot here in New York, though I do have a VERY STRONG aversion to humidity which may have something to do with my preference to San Francisco.

Anyways, my trip was AMAZING, San Francisco was beautiful, we had great weather and during my time there I had REMARKABLE food, tons of great family time, lots of beer, great wine, champagne, and LOADS of relaxation time.

Read on for more images of my trip...

We spent one afternoon going to Alcatraz which was very very fun and interesting and the rest of the trip was seriously eating so don't judge me on all of the food images...

I also got a little Instagram crazy on the trip- but can you blame me!
From top to bottom left to right:
My little bro on a cable car (the only moving national monument!), my chicken entree at Quince, tickets to Alcatraz, boat ride across the bay, my steak entree at Gary Danko's, right outside the ferry building, the wine cellar at Quincde, the tomato salad with a tomato sorbet at Quince, my complimentary tea upon checking in the Huntington Hotel

There will be more to come so keep your eye's peeled!

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