Animal Week!- Day One

Monday 25 July 2011

Last week the kids and I decided that most of the activities we wanted to do this week were animal related (zoo, aquarium) so we deemed it "Animal Week." Today was the first day, so how did we spend it? At the park... :p but we caught TADPOLES and when we got home later we made ANIMAL decorated cupcakes.
A cat, a mouse, a bee, a pig, an elephant, a frog, a spider and two dogs :)

So even though it was another park day, we brought the "animal" to it.

 More pictures:

Lola's grass art on my back

Stay tuned for more animal adventures!


  1. You sure your not wiping out the tadpole population at the park :) Cause it is "Animal Week" and all.

  2. don't worry it's all catch and release ;)