Sundays in Town

Sunday 17 July 2011:

Didn't actually get a chance to post yesterday because I ended up having a lot to do :).

Started my day by meeting up with another nanny (who just got here from Australia) and together we took the tube into town to find yet another market! (I just love that London has so many amazing markets, they're just so fun and you can make such great finds!)

It was also really amusing to me that the market had different symbols in the ground for the different vendors (though they usually weren't relevant to what was actually being sold). I took photos of the shirt, the hat and the shoe symbols. This is the only one that didn't look oddly out of proportion though:

After the market where it just happened to POUR down rain on us (gotta love London) we headed back to our respective homes but before I could sit and write a post I was headed out again. This time to meet up with a friend of a friend who lives in London and who I happened to bail on on Friday night (see "The Night I Didn't See Harry Potter"). So despite being tired and wet I made out to Clapham Common to find a friend of a friend and a bar. Turns out you need to bring your passport around in order to get beers (pshh stuffy bartender more like it) so we just bought alcohol from a shop (which I kept calling a market- incorrect) and of course had no issues buying without a passport.... and then just went to the park and hung out and talked and kept running back to McDonalds to use the toilet :p 

Overall it was a super fun day and I got to see a lot of London which was nice! :) Now to just see Harry Potter......


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