The Day I Didn't See Harry Potter

Saturday 16 July 2011

Went exploring around the neighborhood I live in today, of course my first stop was coffee, and from there a quick detour of getting lost ;) but before I knew it I was on my way to Brixton where I had looked up a Cinema that was playing Harry Potter. Of course once I had found I was in the right place I realized the 3pm show had already started and the next show wasn't for hours so I decided to explore the area- and the grocery stores ;). My conclusion: I love M&S (a grocery), most of the food is their own brand and from the few things I have tried by them: I love it all- the Belgian chocolate milk and the Triple Chocolate crunch granola cereal are the top ranking for now.

In Brixton I also found the Brixton Market which was an indoor funky market with stores selling pretty much everything you can imagine from wigs to convenience goods to antique dresses to flowers. Then scattered among all these shops were restaurants and pubs with food that looked and smelled AMAZING. The smells were enough that I would just stand and soak them in, never wanting to leave.

a shot from the market:

While in the end I didn't end up making it to Harry Potter because I completely forgot I had agreed to babysit :o! I'm sure I'll go tomorrow or sometime next week and ultimately I had a great day of exploring :)


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