Just A Hangout Day

Tuesday 19 July 2011

A couple days ago I was searching the internet and fell upon this website: frozen banana bites. I decided this would not only be a fun activity to do with the kids but would be a "semi-healthy" snack for them to enjoy. Of course being in London meant we had to change the ingredients a little bit so they weren't AS healthy. Instead of peanut butter we used nutella :)
Of course we can't try them until tomorrow... but man are we all looking forward to it!

I still haven't gotten used to the weather here. Only minutes after I took this photo it began to rain... and here I was worried the kids were going to splash water on the cars in their attempts to soak one another!

Moving inside and on to rainy day activity numero uno- Puzzles :)


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  1. First mickey mouse pancakes now frozen banana bites whats next? Can't wait to here how the frozen banana bites with Nutella turned out :)