The Beginning.

In the infinite wisdom that only a 20 year old can have I decided during my sophomore year of college that I was going to graduate a year early. So now at 21 I have a bachelor of arts degree in Business Management, no apartment, no job and no internship experience. On the upside- I'm saving a butt-load on tuition costs: you tell me if that evens it out.

As a graduation gift I was beyond lucky to get the chance to go to Europe for two months! One month of travel with my friend Danni and one month as an Au pair in London.

So here I am. A Sunday in London with no work, no friends and having already read three books in one week, no interest in reading.

I could be apartment searching, I could be job searching but all this seems daunting, especially from out of the country. How much of my future can I actually set in place from a laptop in London?

Regardless, as the title of this blog insinuates I plan to keep my posts simple and quick whether it be a photo, a quote, or a simple evaluation or observation of my life. So enjoy!


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